Case Study
Jordan Bishop, Stridez Swimwear


About Stridez

“Stridez are a brand new fit of trunks for men that fit bigger on the thigh whilst staying true on the waist. Stridez was born out of a personal struggle I had getting trunks that would fit correctly, I was always having to get sizes much too big just to accommodate my legs. Stridez are the first of their kind and the innovative fit allows a lot more comfort and stops any chafing that may have occurred, due to the nature of the product they’re worn both in the gym and in the pool as well as anywhere in between!” 

What was your starting point and where has the experience with Alexandra taken you?

“My starting point was quite literally at the beginning. All I had was this idea with no knowledge on how to implement or get it out there. I have no history in fashion or business so it was a huge shot in the dark. 

Thankfully I came across Alexandra and came to her with my plans - she loved the idea, and from there we started working on the brand. My experience with Alexandra has quite literally taken the idea and turned it into a reality. Frankly, I wouldn’t have been able to start Stridez without Alexandra.”

How did you find the process working together from concept through to creation?

“The whole process of working with Alexandra was as pain free as can be. Coming from zero experience, Alexandra was quick to put me to ease, gain a clear picture of my ideas and run through the process to follow. Alexandra stayed professional throughout and I came away from every meeting feeling great about the progress of Stridez and confident in which direction the brand was heading. Alexandra went above and beyond to help me in any way she could and I really believe that is shown in the fantastic product I have today. The journey from concept to creation was fluid and ran as smoothly as possible due to Alexandra’s experience and expertise.”

Do you feel confident in your experience and gained knowledge to repeat the process either together or independently in future collections?

“Alexandra filled me with nothing but confidence and I wouldn’t hesitate in working with her again.”

How has your brand grown since your launch?

“My brand has gone from strength to strength in its (nearly!) first year. More and more people have heard about it, and the rugby community has been lapping it up with several of Wales’ first team players contacting me directly saying how much they need a pair of these! The launch caught the idea of the national news as well, and I have been featured on Wales online, BBC and S4C discussing Stridez!”

What plans do you have for the future of your brand?

“I plan to release two new colour ways this summer and hopefully with a successful year under me venture into making jeans. There’s a whole market of products I’d love to bring out but I’m taking things one step at a time.”


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