Case Study : Lost In Bohemia

Kiera Cavanagh


Tell us about Lost In Bohemia and what drove you to set it up?

I've always had a passion for clothing and that ethereal, bohemian chic look. I would spend hours trawling through the internet trying to find garments that fit that criteria only to end up having to spend a fortune in import taxes shipping things over from Australia and the USA. I also discovered that a lot of people were always commenting on outfits I wore and wanting to find out where I purchased them from so I knew the demand was there, I just had to figure out how and who to work with to bring my ideas to life.

What was your background prior to launching in the fashion industry?

I worked on super yachts as a Stewardess so something completely different. It was actually one of the Purser's onboard I worked with (Senior Crew Member) that gave me a nudge to start my own fashion line. I was always dressing up the other girls for nights out and helping style them in a way that made them feel beautiful and more confident.

What was your staring point and where has your experience working with Alexandra taken you?

I had no clue. I started getting some things made up cheaply in Bali through my ideas of what I wanted but the quality wasn't great, the language barriers made it tough and as my art leaves a lot to be admired it was not going in the direction I had hoped. I then thought it was time to find a professional and someone who could take my ideas and encapsulate them into the garments I saw in my head. I did some research and found Alexandra and she just made everything crystal clear. Since working with her I have come so far in terms of understanding all the necessary processes that are involved in making a garment as well as honing in and defining my brand concept.

How did you find the process working together from concept through to creation?

Oh she made it a breeze. It couldn't of been easier. Alexandra not only completes the tasks needed for you, she defines, teaches and breaks down each step so that you have a greater understanding of the process from start to finish. She translated all of the fashion jargon and communicated with outsourced companies (grading) for me and made it a seamless experience. 

Do you feel confident in your experience and gained knowledge to repeat the process either together or independently in future collections?

I feel a lot more comfortable with the process and I know there are some parts of it that I would be happy to take on independently now that I know how it all works. I still feel I would benefit from working with Alexandra on more garments as it took away all the stress and strain of learning a completely new trade. Always best to leave it in the hands of a professional!  

Which of Xandra Jane Design services helped the most and why?

To be honest the whole thing from start to finish however the main thing for me was the approachability Alexandra offers. She never makes you feel silly for asking questions or for asking her to help with just about anything. She was a constant support.

What plans do you have for the future of your brand?

We have just completed the first statement dress in two colour ways which will be placed for order with the manufacturer soon. Once these are completed and selling I would like to work on the rest of the brand and try and release the rest of the collection by this time next year.


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