How to Write a Customer Profile

More often than not the answer I hear when asking clients about what type of person their brand intends to target is a quick and confident “ME!”

Whilst the importance of knowing your customer avatar in detail can be argued that you don’t know anyone as well as you know yourself, it is encouraged to take a step back and disconnect. Approach your customer profile from a clear perspective, really visualise them as a separate character to yourself. You can go as detailed as you like, there are varying benefits to considering each detail though the most important questions should include:

How old are they?
What’s their annual income bracket? How much do they spend on clothes a year?
Where do they live? Where do they choose to go on holiday? How often do they take a holiday?
Are they married? Do they have children?
What’s their job? Hobbies? Skills?
Their favourite social platform? What are they most likely to read?

Get clear and truly understand the perspective of the person you envision wearing your clothes. Your customer profile not only feeds into the design process but enables you to approach marketing tactics with a clearer strategy on where to find your audience.

Alexandra Wall