Why it's Never Too Early to Start Social Media

Beyond the collection and product to sell, your fashion brand needs a thorough strategy to launch and reach its full potential. Many consider delaying their marketing and promotion until they have samples to show or the shoot images from the lookbook, but the reality is it’s never too early to build your audience. After all, when you launch, don’t you want customers ready and waiting?

Secure your social media handles and begin to build you profile. Your customer research and customer profile should highlight which platform is best aligned to your audience. If you’re struggling on what to share without having your collection ready to release, consider content that resonates with your target market: inspiration images, quotes, blog articles, styling tips - these all feed into your ideal customer whilst building your brand ethos and what you stand for, so when you finally enter the market your audience not only know what to expect, but can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Alexandra Wall